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Those of you not familiar with the term.

A Blog is a weB LOG. A journal or open diary

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January 30th

I bought this last year mid summer It was not in great condition but it was almost free so I thought I would "once again" try and grow rosemary. It lived in the high tunnel all summer and bounced back enough that I decided to try and keep it going until I could return it to the high tunnel in the spring.

 I have never had a Rosemary plant ever that flowered. I am hoping that this will  continue to grow into a beautiful plant 


January 20th

Yesterday I planted the last tray I have until my order arrives. This time it was a mixed of 

Flowers pollinators



     Red Robinson Chrysanthemum

Peppers: (never have too many varieties)

Thai Hot 

King of the North Sweet Red

California Wonder Sweet Bell

Antohi Romanian Sweet Yellow snacker





January 19th

Never throw out outdated Detroit Red beet seeds. I decided since there was plenty of time for failure I would use an overlooked package of beet seeds that were dated for 2015

It looks like almost all of them are up or breaking through.

Spinach is also starting to come up along with the Kohlrabi. I will see if the trays are worthy of a picture tomorrow.



January 16th

According to the Farmers Almanac and the moon it is time for me to start planting our spring crops.

We are expanding our garden bed and I do not have enough room on our current seed starting rack so...

Jim is building another one and I ordered another ten of the  10-20 trays and domes.

 I use the 36 cell cups for most of the seeds and 72 cells for beets and spinach

Got the shelves and lights installed on the new rack so I started planting our 10-20 seed trays

So far I have:

     Detroit Red Beets







      Jalapeno, Red Marconi, Anaheim, Cayenne


     King of the North (Red)

     Sun Bright (Yellow)

     Sweet Habanera (Orange)






     Salad Delight Red


     Nero Di Toscana Kale

     Rhubarb Chard 

     Noble Spinach

     Buttercrunch Lettuce





     Black Beauty



     Utah yellow

     Granex Hybrid

     Red Wethersfield

     Yellow Sweet and White Sweet Spanish

     Red Ruby

     Bunching onions










     Sparky Marigolds    

On the bottom of the furthest rack are 3 Pepper plants I decided to winter over from last years garden

They include a cayenne, Red Marconi, and Big Bertha. So far they seem to be surviving.

Close up of the lettuce shelf

And a close up of the Tom Thumb Tomatoes. 

reference the size the largest are about the size of a "shooter" marble at this time.



January 11

We spent a few days searching for a new clock for over the fireplace and nothing truly sang to us, but we did like that this one had a glass bezel. It also was the right  size and  we really liked the style of the numbers and hands but........

Not exactly what we were looking for so Jim headed to the scrape lumber to find an oak board long enough to make a surround for the clock

He had "just" enough for the top layer.

He added a backer of 1" MDF, this will allow the clock to sit flat against the wall that I will paint black

After a few trips around the  boards with the router we had a perfect fit to insert the clock. 

I love it!

We are not concerned with the color difference at this time  At this point there is only 6 coats of Danish oil applied to the clock surround.

 Jim built the mantle  in 1994 and it has at least 50 coats of Danish oil applied over the years. 







January 1

Good morning!


Happy New Year!

Tiny Tim Tomato 

Lettuce is doing well:

Otto still visits the pond once and awhile. 

I call his name and he turns his attention to me.