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this page is where we will share our thoughts, new ideas, frustrations and information with you.

 A personal view of us & our business


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August 8th

Ran to pick up the MircoLam beams and got started. We were able to salvage an 11 ft 6 in section of the first Mircolam.

 We will put it aside for a future project

Hoisted up onto the scaffolding Ready to be set in place. 

Installation went well A few whacks with the sledge hammer and it was in place and screwed off.

26 ft span on the triple Microlam beams The second and third beams will be cut and removed from the middle support to the short support on the far end of the deck. These two I think will be a little trickier than the first one I am not worried I am sure Jim has a plan.


August 7th

The project was coming nicely.

The trim on windows on the south side was started but ran out of material.

Not a big deal Jim moved to the east side of the house. I will put in another order this week for more White Oak.

.Jim was really making some good time and ran the upper section of battens above the window and had started to install the first one under the window when .....

Disaster struck The screw felt like he had missed the Mircolam but that was not the case. 



He removed the landing, The trim boards and the first decking board,  The rot was not only completely through the first layer but into the second of three of the Mirolam beams. They would need to be replaced before we went any further. Our projects are never without a few hiccups. This is why we NEVER took on any remolding in our business.

Needed to remove the siding and put in a few temporary supports while we replaced the beams.

Ordered and picked up  2 -12" X12 ft and 1 -12" X 14 ft

August 6th

We picked up more lumber from our neighbor who has put in a sawmill..

 Jim ripped and milled the boards  then waited for the hurricane to pass before starting up again

He  replaced the old rotten brickmould molding around the two large sun room windows  and started  working on installing the batten boards.

 He will go back and replace the moldings on the two small windows once our new order of lumber get milled.

We are using rough cut white oak so we will have to give the boards time to dry before we start staining.


July 30th 

   Shingles are done

Insert picture here


July 26th 

Ran the rest of the trim boards and put together a list for the saw mill


July 21st

Scaffolding set

Half of the sheets are on 


Sheathing is done and trimmed Ready for tar paper, The fascia and soffets material is ordered and will be ready to pick  up on Sunday

Just for fun I did a walk around before the sunset.


July 20th

It was a short day! Just enough time to get the rafters on! 

July 19th

Six trips into the attic over the shop in temperatures over 120 F to fetch the Bakers scaffold  Jim  took a well deserved break before setting it up along with the extension ladder with scaffold plank rack.

He was now ready to set the ridge board and rafters.


With the ridge board set about a foot below the window Jim has his work cut out figuring out the pitch of the new roof. 

Since he will not need my help I decided to start cleaning the redwood  railings.  Over the years of neglect they have started growing Lichen and algae.

The rails clean up with a water/ bleach mixture and of course some scrubbing with a stiff bristle brush..

The left stair rail is ready for staining. The post caps are also ready for stain

The sections we removed to install the new posts are cleaned ,dry and ready for stain. leaving me 4 sections left to do.


After several trips up and down the ladder Jim has figured out the exact roof pitch and rafter cuts . He called it a day after he got one installed .

July 19th

Time for a new project 

The weekend is going to have temperatures of 90F - 100F+ so it will be a slow go but Jim is determined to start it right away.


Before we pressure wash and re stain our small deck  Jim is putting a roof over it (aka my summer kitchen).

This will allow me to work out there canning and cooking in the heat or rain of summer and  eliminate some of the hand shoveling I have to do after every snowstorm in the winter.

First thing was to re-level the stairs


Next was to remove a few sections of railing and two of the 4 X 4 posts


The posts are replaced with taller posts to support the roof

 Setting the pitch for the roof 

Beam detail

 I took these  at 6:30AM this morning (07/19)

July 12th

What kind of bug is this????


 EDIT UPDATE:  I did get an answer to the question

 My nephew Ethan says it is a Juvenile Assassin Bug



July 4th


God Bless America!


June 20th

High Tunnel update:


Peas are starting to form pods:





May 28th

2nd planting of broccoli 


Spinach is still producing:

Sweet Red Pepper


May 26th

High Tunnel update:



Ready to cut into bite size pieces to process for  the freezer




May 2nd:

 Ready for transplanting.


Peppers and one eggplant

Pepper Seedlings started for a friend. 

 6 pack of Kohlrabi

2 Tiny Tim Tomato Plants


Out in the high Tunnel the Cauliflower is looking great

Kohlrabi is forming a bulb

Spinach has germinated

April 22nd


RIP "  Bob Sr."

1946 -2020

Your contagious smile and gracious welcoming manners will always be remembered!

April 18th:

 It snowed last night.

Inside the Green house everything is growing


Broccoli and Kohlrabi


Volunteer Johnny- Jump- Up

March 24th

March can bring all kinds of weather.....


and visitors to the pond.

March 15th: 

Called all of our friends and neighbors everyone is safe and healthy so far.

Met with a new customer. No hand shakes and we kept our distance  leaving the door open to make all of us more comfortable. She was on the same page as us so it was a nice meeting.

We have a unit in the shop that is close to being ready to ship. Not sure when that will happen.

We pray you all are safe and  take the time to appreciate your family and friends and neighbors from a safe distance.



March 5th:

Crown of Thorns is starting to bloom:

Spring is on its way!

March 2nd:

My last shopping day until we get through this lock down due to the CoVid-19 outbreak. 

Canceled our luncheon with our dear friend Vic. We have lunch or dinner at least once a week since around 1988.

Since we rarely leave the property when life is "normal" we will weather this without any complaints, besides we have lots to do around here so no chance of us getting bored. 



Young Cole Plants ( Cauliflower -Broccoli - Cabbage ) plus Kale and Chard are ready to move to the Greenhouse in a couple of weeks:

 Anaheim and Poblano Pepper Plants are doing great. They will not go out into the Greenhouse for another month or so:


February 7th

We decided to give the CNC machine it's own place in the shop. This way when we want to use it we don't have to take the time to move it into place, level the table and align everything before we can use it. it is ready to go at a moments notice.

January 26th

Now that there was some room to work Jim took down the 4 pronged Maple tree.

Some of the firewood  ready for the splitter


January 23rd

Started clearing for a new pond and orchard area. 

Firewood trees are stacked and ready to be bucked up into rounds before heading to the splitter



January 17th:

 Against my better judgment I planted during a waning moon.

I usually plant by the moon:

Waxing Moon above ground crops. 

Waning moon root crops.

I planted the following seeds

Seedling rack:

I still have beets and onion seeds to plant. You know the ones I am supposed to plant now under the waning moon,

I will get to them today during the snow storm that is due to arrive by 1PM.

And so it begins:

Our 2020 growing season:


In October I dug out a couple of pepper plants from the High Tunnel to winter them in the house.

They are doing great! I even have 4 peppers starting to form on the one plant

This is the largest of the peppers:

It may be small but it is a pepper.

January 8th

Don Swift

1950 - 2020

 After we opened our business in 1985  we sub contracted framing for several of his homes .

 In 1992 we no longer had employees and had switch gears doing the finish carpentry in homes  Don hired us once again. This time the Swift family had united and  the four boys worked with their Dad building homes.

 It was an honor to be a part of their quality built homes.

Don was a kind thoughtful man and he loved to cook. We shared recipes over the years and he even made me a cookbook of his favorite ones

I  think of him every time I open up that cookbook.



January 1st

Happy New Year!