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this page is where we will share our thoughts, new ideas, frustrations and information with you.

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May 15th

Harvested the first cutting of broccoli. Made a large batch of cream of broccoli soup. Sorry I did not take any pictures.

This is one of two cabbage seeds I planted in the low tunnel last October.
 It survived the winter and I will be harvesting soon. 

 It will become
 Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (for the freezer), Cole Slaw and a Cabbage Casserole with the rest 

The carrots have bounced back after being thinned:

May 11th -  14th:

Time to change the Greenhouse plastic.

We finally were promised ( by the weather guessers) to get a couple of days back to back with ZERO wind.


The hip boards strips are redwood. Removing them and the tie down roping  went smoothly.
Unscrewing the fascia which is rough cut pine we discovered a problem. 

When we built the HT we put the trim boards on BEFORE we stained. As it turns out that was a mistake. 

Rain water over the years ran between the plastic and the boards along the bows trapping moisture and rot was setting in.  One of trim boards on the East wall  had an infestation of Carpenter Ants.

Jim ran to the saw mill to pick up the boards we would need to replace the mounting strips and all the trim boards.

When he got home we quickly removed the plastic and he went right to work remaking the strips needed.

Turning out to be a very long day Jim decided remaking the fascia and trim boards could wait but we needed to stay on schedule getting the new plastic on and secured..

The greenhouse is fully planted and was naked over night. We prayed the weather guessers were right and no killing frost in the forecast. 


old picture from original build
We installed the saved  reel mounting boards that will hold the rolls of plastic


While the attachment strips were drying we worked on getting  all raw exposed wood stained on the rest of the Greenhouse.


Pulled the two layers of plastic by tying off the end and pulling it across the ridge and unfolding it down the sides.

OLD PICTURE of the first time getting ready to unfold the plastic.

NOTE: NEVER  stand on the top rung of the ladder.


Refastened the plastic with the new strips.

To finish off the day we reattached the roll up bar on the north wall.


It rained on us while installing the south side roll up and the securing ropes .Deja Vu same as the first year.

Finishing up the HT plastic swap over:

Notice the plastic hanging down. The last time we simply folded it up and attached the fascia board 

This time we cut it flush with the attaching strips, then applied the fascia board.

Close up:

Finished up got everything put away before that cloud you see heading towards us let loose a lot of rain.


The Job is completed: 

DAY ONE        11 hours

DAY TWO         8 hours

DAY THREE    1-1/2 hours

DAY FOUR       2-3/4 hours

April 13th

A few pictures with a wee bit of the white stuff.
Saturday April 7th we awoke to find it had snowed once again. 
This time thankfully it was only about 2":

By that afternoon we  started to see the lawn: 

Back story:

     At the end of the year in 2013 I bought a package of Asparagus crowns that was in clearance for $1
 I put them in the back of the refrigerator and proceeded to forget all about them for the next 4 years. 
 In the spring of 2017 I finally remember to plant them in the HT and it looks like 3 of the 5 made it.



Cabbage and Cauliflower:







It looks like "FRANKENBEET" has decided to flower or at least that is what it looks like it is trying to do.

If it does produce seeds I will save them.




 March 28th:  

A quick update on the Greenhouse

Detroit Red Beets

Candy and Wala Wala onions:

Garlic ( NOTE: the fluffy white stuff outside of the plastic may look like clouds but it is snow)


Over all view of the Low Tunnel:

First Asparagus Spear

Month of March so far:

March 3rd TOTAL 24" of snow

and this March 8th 16" of snow

The deer took advantage of the uprooted cedar tree that could not take the weight of the heavy snow load on its branches and have over a few days completely stripped it 



March 13th an additional  8" of snow

Inside where the fire is keeping us warm I planted 2 trays with tomato seeds, pepper seeds, and a tray of spinach seeds.
Mortgage Lifters
Roma VF
Jelly Bean Grape
And thanks to Vincent ( new to me)
Black Russian
Box Car Willie

Yummy Sweet Orange
Majestic Sweet Red
Carnival Sweet
replanted a few Cayenne 

SEEDLING RACK: The hot peppers and cole seedlings  are doing well Some already transplanted in to solo cups. Next stop for them is the greenhouse

As the sun came up I was lucky enough to be in the right place ( heading to open up the HT and let the chickens out) at the right time with my camera in hand.

Sunrise ( view from the sun room):


Looking towards the pond:

Inside the Greenhouse:



Last night I made a salad of peppery, spicy and sweet mixed greens .



February 7th

Jim works on clearing the snow



The Christmas Cactus are really showing off.



The Key Lime is starting to flower



February 2nd:

The sun decides to shine today meaning 6 more weeks of winter.

It is amazing how quickly the seeds start to germinate: These are Wala Wala Onions




Spinach in the Low Tunnel:


I think I can harvest enough to make a us a salad for dinner tonight.


January 28th:


My winter just for fun project of growing tomatoes during the winter has worked.

These are called Tiny Tim 

And so it begins:

I am waiting on seeds so I am a little behind on planting but thanks to a friends reminder that I normally start no later than January 15th, I got off the phone  and got to work  sorting seeds and getting the seedling rack up and working 

Seedling rack:

Early Thunder Cabbage 

Early Snowball Cauliflower

Waltham 29 Broccoli
Arcadia F1 Broccoli

Walla Walla Onions
Candy Onions
Tom Thumb Lettuce
Igloo Lettuce

Detroit Dark Red Beets

The little Mandarin seedlings are looking good.

Out in the Low Tunnel in the HT: 

I am very hopeful that the 2 seeds I planted one Broccoli and one Cabbage are going to make it to see spring.

They have come through the darkest coldest 2 months I ever remember living through.



You can see an onion seed that didn't germinate last summer came up also.




January 18th:

 A little late ......





I captured these of the Super Moon on Jan 1st:





The Red Hibiscus opened up its first bloom of the year:




I brought a small Blue Lobelia for the winter and it has bloomed all winter:


 I planted 2 Tiny Tim Tomatoes seeds. Both germinated on November 4th.


As you can see they have developed a thick main stem

Loaded with tomatoes


And as of today our first tomato ready to eat.

 For fun I also planted a few Clementine seeds. 


Since I had good luck growing a Myers Lemon from seed last year. No fruit yet but it is still a young tree.