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Cabinet Shop
Custom Classic Construction, Inc.
Since 1985


Here is a quick tour of the shop 

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1979 Taken during the remolding of our first home. It was a 1889 balloon frame row house in Albany.


 Framing crew

Rodger, Pete, Bob and Jim


The unit that led us down the path to operating  a full time Cabinet shop 



Click on images below for larger views

images/Shop.JPG images/breakroomTABLE.JPG images/J&Lsunroomchair.JPG ../home_office/images/hocorner.jpg images/Maggie & Fergus at the Office.JPG CADwebLGW.JPG (129908 bytes) FINAL STUDY WANDER.jpg (90805 bytes) 3Phase Converter.JPG (24222 bytes)

Cabinet Shop

Break Room Luna & Jax Office Fergus & Maggie 2D drawing program 3D Rendering Phase converter

Paloni 1.JPG (78264 bytes)

images/Power Feed 1.JPG




images/Vega edge sander.JPG


Panel Lift.JPG (58050 bytes) images/SSChopstandnew.JPG

Paoloini Sliding Saw

Power Feed and Excalibur overhead dust collector Clear View Cyclone

dust collector

Dedicated Dado Machine Vega Belt sander Detel Boring Machine Panel Lift Chop saw bench

images/ClampCart 07a.JPG

images/Sheetgoodscart.JPG images/SSassembly.JPG images/movingdolly.JPG SPINDLE SANDER.JPG (100607 bytes) BAND SAW.JPG (106737 bytes)

SHOPSMITH.jpg (78527 bytes)

Scroll Saw.JPG (110006 bytes)
Clamp stand Sheet rips 


Roll around assembly table Moving dollies Spindle sander Rikon Band saw


 Shopsmith Dedicated Pocket hole machine Grizzly Scroll saw
SHOPFOX.jpg (82693 bytes)










images/Minidrill.jpg Toolbox.jpg (397288 bytes) images/doorparts.JPG images/Rail & Style.JPG images/SSdoorassembly2.JPG

Molding machine

Lathe Drill Press Blum

Hinge Machine

Tool chest Door Parts 5-Part doors
images/Doors clamped.JPG ROUTERS.JPG (119457 bytes)  

Chop Saws.JPG (90189 bytes)


Paintbooth shop door.JPG (188294 bytes) Paintbooth cleanroom door.JPG (168162 bytes) images/SprayBoothnc.JPG sstriplerackJT1.JPG (110415 bytes) CLEAN ROOMMay.JPG (50070 bytes)
Parts cart  Hand routers Miter Saws 

Paint booth facing shop door

Paint booth facing Clean Room door Kremlin air assist gun   Drying racks Clean room
images/SUREHOOKS.JPG 19CNC-build.jpg (136106 bytes) PAINT-STATION.jpg (142061 bytes)       images/Hanley.JPG
Drying Rack for doors CNC

The build of this machine can be view on our

November post of

Blog 2015

Paint storage

Machine Manuals


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Custom ?

     Our Custom built-in means using measurements taken from your home and converting them into a useable design with features you have requested. We do not use "Stock" cabinets and add fillers to make them fit your space Sometimes referred to as "Customized Cabinetry" Our cabinets are custom built to fit to your space & design

What is MDF?

    MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard

Can I get a custom color ? 

We will computer match your color chip and it will be as close to the original chip you provide as possible but our Cabinet paint has different properties from a Latex or an oil based paint so an exact match may not be possible.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

     Have a budget in mind.

     Make a wish list of things you have seen while looking around our site or have pictures available for us to review with you

Do you have a showroom?

     Our website is our showroom. 

When can I expect to hear from you?

      We pride ourselves in responding quickly. We hear many horror stories about contractors not returning phone calls. We will be in touch with you either the day you call or the following day to set up an appointment.

 We cover every facet of the business so if I am not in the office I may be in the shop, or we may be on an appointment or doing an installation. It is just the two of us & a woodshop full of specialized equipment.

How long is the process?

     This can vary depending on the complexity of the design but normally you can figure your unit will be installed in about 3 months .from date of signed contract.& a 50% deposit. but sometimes things can and do go wrong. 


The cabinet below will have completely dry ( 2 -4 days before it can be sanded down hopefully not burning completely through the prime coats and then it can be repainted. As you can imagine this  can add several days to a couple of  weeks if it needs to be re-primed.


How will I know how things are progressing with my cabinets?

   I  periodically email you a link to view your unit as it moves through the processes.

Example: Projects pg. (Click on link to see what is happening now in the shop)

How much will my unit run ?

     The bottom line is really up to you. ( Have a budget)

Visit our "OPTIONS "pg. to view possible features you might want to use

    Examples: Doors are less expensive than drawers

            A "Contemporary Door" is less than a "Shaker Door" which is less than a  "Raised Panel Door "


We hope that this helps answer some of your questions and we look forward to talking with you about your project

Visit our OPTIONS page