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Cabinet Shop
Custom Classic Construction, Inc.
Since 1985

 Displayed below are projects under construction in the shop & recently installed.

 Once installed they will be permanently found on the appropriate pages within the site.


JULY 2020!


God Bless America!


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2020  BLOG

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RECIPES started in July of 2017

Typical day in the shop  

DIY CNC machine added to our lineup.

Next step is to master 2 new programs One for design and one for converting those designs into numbers the CNC machine will understand. 

To read about the building of this machine check out our

Blog 2015 


Projects under construction
Jenn R.


with 10ft ceiling





Picture   taken by Jenn

as she starts to get the area set up

Joe F.

Book Case


Break room

Coffee Table

July 4th

Sometimes our own  shop projects get done

Jim has been working on his speakers on and off since the winter of 2006

Dry Fit Subwoofer Back Panel
15" Subwoofer
The Arrays
Face Plate 

for mounting the mids and tweets


Beveled edge to improve sound

Jim applied a hand rubbed Danish Oil finish on the veneer and  Black paint   with a clear coat finish for the face Plate

Once the base is applied they will be ready  for wiring

With the help from our Neighbor Tom B. this wiring drawing made sense.
Amp, Crossover and Sub woofer


The Clean room is set up as our work out room for the winter
MaryAnn & Jim T.

Entry Lift up bench seat




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