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Cabinet Shop
Custom Classic Construction, Inc.
Since 1985



For the unit below we combined bi-fold and pocket door hardware.

 Then made up filler pieces to cover the doors when retracted

Move mouse over image to open & close doors.


For the unit below we used sliding pocket door hardware

 Move mouse over image to open & close doors.






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images/Nicheone.JPG images/HTNA1jpg.JPG HTWMH.jpg (30713 bytes) images/HODSSmanualcase.JPG images/HTBMM2.JPG images/HTDCRc.JPG   images/HTMPGC.JPG
images/HTWBo.JPG ../ New Project of the Month/images/HTTVLIFTGKP.JPG images/BRfinished.JPG images/LBMRTb.JPG


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HT MK.jpg images/HTNBMsr..JPG images/HTRBP.JPG images/HTDJDc.JPG images/HTDSSc.JPG images/HTFCM.JPG   images/HTJKAon.JPG
images/ELWsoundcloset.JPG images/HTMINIMAXc.JPG HEHTjpg.JPG Basic HT.JPG HTSWM.JPG images/HTCABCMH10.JPG   HTCC CJB.JPG (25209 bytes)


images/HTGDoff.JPG images/HTRSMZ.JPG BMHT.jpg HTTSMc.JPG images/HTPlasma.JPG images/HTcomponetcaseSMD.JPG   images/HTDJBaia1.JPG
images/HTARBa.JPG images/HTDCG.JPG images/HTMRMcGc.JPG images/HTminimediaLTMe.JPG images/LB16Sienamodel.JPG images/HTECA.JPG   images/HT Plasma casec.JPG
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TVcsRullo2014.jpg (83088 bytes) HTJL.jpg (145370 bytes) DPKtvcaseC.jpg (135173 bytes) FAMILYROOMDPBa.jpg (114095 bytes)

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